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SKF Machine Notification software takes operator-driven reliability to a new level

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MACHINE operators in industrial settings who use SKF Machine Suite reliability software can now initiate maintenance work orders, thereby taking operator-driven reliability (ODR) a step beyond the watchkeeping and inspection of assets.

To accomplish this important step, operators can make use of SKF Marlin industrial computers running new, unique, add-on software called SKF Machine Work Notification.

The new software will run on any Marlin instrument that uses Marlin firmware version 4.1 or higher.

"This product will truly integrate operators into the maintenance function," said Product Manager at SKF, Emilio Vargas.

"It will make them more proactive in initiating work orders. It empowers them. They feel more ownership of the equipment for which they are responsible and come to understand that they are the first line of defence and not just employees who operate machines. They come to realise they can contribute to the overall sustainability and operation of the company."

SKF Machine Work Notification can impact a plant's entire maintenance strategy.

"It does not remove the need to have maintenance personnel," said Mr Vargas. "It just allows them to focus more on fixing and preventing problems instead of looking for problems."

SKF Machine Work Notification enables operators to review previous work orders and the status of current ones.

SKF Machine Work Notification will lead to the creation of work orders where they are not presently done. The system helps to overcome the problem of missed or overlooked tasks essential to ensuring machine reliability.

In addition, SKF Machine Work Notification can be interfaced with a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) such as SAP, to automatically take over the work-order processing.

SKF Machine Work Notification was written specifically for operator-driven reliability programs in which products in the SKF Machine Suite - SKF Machine Analyst and SKF Machine Inspector - are used.

The new software adds functionality but requires no changes to the SKF Machine Suite products, which continue to function as they did before.

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