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Multiple-point lubrication system

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SKF Maintenance Products, a division of SKF , has extended its range of automatic lubricators to include the SKF SYSTEM MultiPoint, LAGD 400, a centralised multiple-point automatic lubricator.

It is a system which serves up to eight lubrication points and, is an easy-to-use and cost effective automatic lubricator for multiple grease lubrication.

The lubrication of bearings with the correct type and quantity of grease is essential for a trouble-free operation. Research has shown 36% of premature bearing failure is due to incorrect lubrication.

This can be a time consuming and costly process to rectify, especially for applications with multiple lubrication points.

The SYSTEM MultiPoint utilises high pressure (40 bar/600psi) and multiple feed lines (up to eight), which can reach up to at least five metres, without using a progressive divider.

Once the correct grease dispense rate is calculated using DialSet, SKF's re-lubrication calculation program.

SYSTEM MultiPoint with its eight lubrication points is a cost effective lubrication solution that minimises labour hours spent on manual lubrication.

The transparent cartridge housing allows for easy inspection, while an electronic alarm will warn the operator when the grease cartridge is empty.

SYSTEM MultiPoint can also be machine steered, thereby only operating when the machine is running.

The lubricator uses a standard 420ml SKF grease cartridge and is supplied with all accessories including a cartridge of SKF multi-purpose grease, LGMT 2 and SKF's re-lubrication calculation program.

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