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INCLUDED in SKF's extensive range of bearing greases, LGHP 2 is a high performance polyurea bearing grease. Using modern polyurea thickening technology, LGHP 2 provides lubrication for both ball and roller bearings at a wide operating temperature range up to 150°C.

The lubrication of bearings with the correct type and quantity of grease is essential for trouble-free operation. Research has shown that 36% of all bearings that fail prematurely are due to incorrect lubrication.

For applications operating under high temperatures, longevity and cleanliness are crucial characteristics to consider when selecting a lubricant.

LGHP 2, using advanced polyurea thickening technology, offers excellent lubrication not only at high temperatures but also at medium and low temperatures.

Additionally, LGHP 2 is a quiet running grease, resulting in higher grease cleanliness and longer life.

A specially formulated additives package also allows it to offer corrosion protection, even when exposed to aggressive environments such as synthetic seawater.

The wide temperature range, low operating noise characteristics and excellent corrosion protection makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

LGHP 2 is available in pack sizes ranging from 420ml cartridge to 50kg drums.

It is also available in the 125ml version of SKF's single-point automatic lubricator, SYSTEM 24.

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