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Easy bearing mounting with SensorMount

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article image SKF SensorMount system.

SKF has introduced the SKF SensorMount system to ease the problems associated with mounting large taper bore bearings.

It is ideal for the heavy process industries such as pulp and paper, mining and mineral processing, as well as applications in marine and construction.

It is equally applicable whether the shaft is solid or hollow and is independent of shaft material.

Mounting large bearings can be time consuming, often involving feeler gauges and specially trained personnel.

The process is costly and it can be difficult to get accurate location on the shaft because the expansion of the inner ring is determined indirectly by measuring axial displacement of the ring, rather than the expansion of the inner ring itself.

SensorMount bearings consists of a sensor integrated with the bearing, and a dedicated handheld indicator that connects to the sensor via a short cable.

By using normal oil-injection mounting tools the bearing is driven up the shaft very easily.

The sensor measures the exact expansion of the inner ring and this is processed in the hand-held indicator to give the interface fit between the bearing and the shaft.

When the indicator displays the required value, determined by dividing the clearance reduction by the bore diameter, the correct seating has been achieved.

After mounting, the cable connected to the sensor is cut and the bearing is ready for operation.

As no complex calculations are required, the need for specially trained personnel is reduced and the overall mounting process is faster, more reliable and cost-effective.

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