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SKF is continuously developing and expanding its range of power transmission products and, over the past twelve months, has added the Rexnord range of Mat Top and Table Top conveyor chain products, and Marbett accessories, needed to construct conveyor systems.

During the same period, SKF has established a geared motor assembly facility at the Oakleigh Head Office and now produces finished products in both in-line and right-angle geared motors within 24 hours.

These units can handle up to 12,300Nm of torque and 90kW of power.

All SKF power transmission products complement the range of belts from Optibelt, including maintenance free Red Power V-Belts, and Omega HL timing belts, that can handle far greater shock loads than other products in the market.

Furthermore, Birn VTP (Ventilated Turbo Pulley) pulleys are an innovative pulley design that allows belt drives to operate up to 17 degrees cooler than normal pulleys, thus extending the belt life.

Also available is the roller chain from Rexnord, which is ideally suited to those applications where only 'the best will do'. Rexnord Linkbelt is priced for those not so critical applications.

In addition to the geared motor assembly is the Benzlers range of gearboxes, including the J Series shaft-mounted speed reducers found on conveyors. This range covers torque from 450Nm to 57,800Nm.

The KIBO mounting system allows for the easy removal of the gearboxes even after long periods exposed to the elements.

The Benzlers BS range of worm gearboxes is extremely robust and offers long service life in an aluminum frame that is free from ribs and crevices that allows good cleaning especially useful in the food industry.

Alternatively, the BD range of screw jacks is used in applications from valve activation to the lifting of Jumbo jets.

To complete the range, SKF offers David Brown couplings, including gear, grid, cone ring and jaw couplings, as well as Autogard torque limiters and monitoring products.

SKF has a team of experienced power transmission specialists who can assist with establishing the right products and solutions for the right application.

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