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Bearing induction heater reduces costs

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article image The new SKF induction heater.

SKF has introduced the new SKF TIH 210m induction heater that is capable of heating a 210kg bearing from 20ºC to 110°C in only 20 minutes.

This results in a heating time and power consumption reduction of up to 30%, and ultimately reduces heating costs.

Induction heaters are often identified by their power input kVA, which does not correlate with the heater's performance in terms of heating time and capacity.

In fact, high kVA can suggest higher power consumption and not necessarily better heating performance.

Designed with high efficiency in mind, the SKF TIH 210m has the induction coil positioned outside the heater's housing, allowing the bearing to be placed around the coil.

This heats large bearings quickly at low energy consumption despite its relatively low power input of 10kVA. Smart electronics protect the induction coil and the circuitry of the unit from thermal overheating. The SKF TIH 210m is equipped with temperature heating mode, which is pre-set at 110°C to prevent bearing over-heating, as well as time heating mode.

Additionally, the SKF TIH 210m is equipped with a 4-step power reduction, ranging from 20 to 80%, and smaller yoke for heating smaller bearings at lower power consumption.

The SKF TIH 210m also automatically demagnetises the bearing after it has been heated.

The SKF TIH 210m is available in one power supply execution ranging from 400V/50Hz to 460V/60Hz. When plugged-in, it detects the power supply and automatically adjusts its voltage accordingly.

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