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SITECO’s floodlights for Albert Park grounds

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Albert Park is one of Melbourne’s premier park lands. Annually transformed into the venue of the Australian F1 Grand Prix, Albert Park is also the place for Melbournians to jog, play golf, or have a leisurely walk along lakeside drive.

Several clubs use the many sports grounds in Albert Park for training and friendly matches. For this purpose, several cricket and AFL ovals were recently upgraded with SITECO A2Maxi floodlights.

As Albert park is surrounded by buildings and busy roads, the control of glare as well as spill light was of concern. The old floodlights now replaced were tilted to a nearly upright vertical position were causing a glare. The asymmetric reflectors of SITECO's A2Maxi (in Australia referred to as environmental floods) allowed them to be installed at near horizontal positioning.

Customer: Albert Park

Photometric calculations: ANTARA Industrial Goods Services Pty Ltd

The IP65 watertight design, pressure equalisation valves, forced mains-disconnect and precise adjustment scales for aiming make the A2Maxi the preferred choice for professional sports lighting. Long life and low maintenance are the attractions for owners and operators of public lighting installations.

SITECO (the former SIEMENS Lighting division) supplies high-end sports, architectural, road and public lighting solutions.

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