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Mini floodlights from SITECO

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article image Melbourne’s St Kilda Road

Shady trees line Melbourne’s St Kilda Road and to emphasise their beauty at night, are lit by SITECO A1Mini floodlights that are equipped with blue metal-halide lamps. The contrast between the blue metal-halide lamps and the yellowish glow from streetlights and reddish vehicle rear- and brake lights make a colourful display.

The asymmetric characteristics of the A1Mini floodlights that are mounted face up in the lower branches of the trees, allowed for an outward spread to light up the wide canopies of these mature trees. With compact and slim body shape of only 100mm, the A1Mini floodlights remain unobtrusive during the daytime.

Customer: City of Melbourne

Lighting design: WEBB

Products: SITECO A1Mini (with blue lamps)

Asymmetric reflectors allow these floodlights (in Australia sometimes called environmental floods) to be installed in a nearly horizontal position for forward throw.

The IP65 watertight design, heavy-duty die-cast aluminium housing and slim body make the A1 Mini the preferred choice for architectural and façade lighting. Long life and low maintenance are the attractions for owners and operators of public lighting installations.

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