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SIGMA CCTV discusses KT&C’s KPC-LP500 LPR Camera

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KT&C’s KPC-LP500 LPR (License Plate Recognition) cctv security cameras from SIGMA CCTV are designed to capture license plate images with fantastic image quality. The advanced filter+IR+DSP design has been specially tuned for license plate capture under most circumstances.

LPR security cameras are used in the detection of license plate numbers. LPR security cameras usefulness has made them as a standard equipment of law enforcement around the world.

Highly used applications for LPR security cameras are the following:

  • Regulation of traffic
  • Identification of stolen vehicles
  • Tracking vehicles
The LPR security cameras have a combination of extremely high sensitive CCDs and smart IRs that provide high contrast license plate images from vehicles moving up to 65kph.

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