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Siemens PLM software release the Teamcentre Mobility mobile device application

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Siemens PLM Software  has launched the Teamcentre Mobility mobile device application for instantly accessing the comprehensive product knowledge managed by the Teamcentre digital product lifecycle management software solution.

Companies will be able to enhance their ability to interact with product data and workflows at the right time, in the right place and in the right context to further enhance the speed and accuracy of decisions made throughout a product’s lifecycle.

The software can be accessed from available Wi-Fi or mobile broadband locations and will initially be deployed via the Apple iPad portable digital device.

Teamcentre is the most widely used product lifecycle management software in the automotive and aerospace industries, and is also used extensively in other industries such as consumer products, shipbuilding and high tech electronics.

Due to the software solutions popularity and the increasing need for decision makers to be able to access information from remote locations, the need to instantly and securely deliver
Teamcentre managed data to more and sometimes unconventional locations has also increased.

The mobile application will benefit mobile workers including executives who often travel and conduct business in remote locations, field personnel working inside a partially assembled airplane fuselage or walking the shop floor of an automotive assembly line.

Teamcentre Mobility enables these individuals to quickly search, view and interact with product and process workflow information on the spot using a convenient mobile device.

They can also display and interact with detailed product information including 3D product models enhancing users’ understanding and supporting the decision making process.

Decision makers can make critical decisions without delay utilising current information while allowing contributors to provide a unique perspective in real-time. Companies can react quickly and intelligently to the changing environments associated with all product lifecycle disciplines such as design, simulation, manufacturing and maintenance.

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