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Daimler Selects CAD Software from Siemens as New Platform for Worldwide Car and Truck Development

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Daimler AG is optimising their worldwide vehicle development process with software solutions from Siemens PLM Software .  

Daimler is implementing Siemens’ CAD software to enhance quality and efficiency in vehicle design and development.  

Starting summer of 2012, Siemens’ CAD software will be the new standard for Daimler’s worldwide vehicle development. Daimler will integrate work from over 20 development centres and their most important suppliers on a single product development platform from Siemens.  

Daimler completes their current implementation of Teamcenter, the company’s product data management backbone with the integration of NX CAD software of Siemens.  

Some of the advantages for Daimler include: 

  • Enables the automotive manufacturer to establish digital collaboration for initial concept design, simulation during design and proof of concept of design solutions
  • Consolidation of digital product information in one single worldwide data pool will facilitate new vehicle development 
  • Introduction of parallel processes in development, design, production planning and production will further optimise the entire value chain 
Prof. Bharat Balasubramanian is responsible for R&D product innovation and process technology at Daimler.  

He says that the combination of NX CAD software with Daimler’s product data management system, Smaragd based on Teamcenter will integrate their entire product creation process from design through production planning down to managing production machines.    

Modern vehicle design requires an increasing integration of mechanical, electrical and electronic components with an ever-expanding software ratio.  

This requires the integration of all the information associated with mechanical, electrical and software in an integrated platform to allow for collaboration across the full value chain including suppliers.  

Chuck Grindstaff, President and Chief Technology Officer of Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Division Industry Automation says that their CAD and PLM software will help manufacturers enhance their development processes and production planning while increasing their productivity.     

With software from Siemens, car manufacturers can manage the product and production planning in parallel with production, encompassing the entire value chain.  

Daimler has worked with Siemens’ Teamcenter software for collaborative product data management since the mid-90s.  

With NX CAD software from Siemens, Daimler will implement a computer-based tool for the entire product development process, facilitating a solution for collaborative design, engineering and development work.

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