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Three Phase UPS models from SIEL Australasia

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SIEL Australasia  offer single and three phase UPS models. The latter has the Siel 'Quasar' Series Three Phase UPS model that comes with high technological and design qualities and certain unique specifications.

True double-conversion on-line technology, digital control, high frequency conversion, digital control, power factor greater than 0.95, low noise level, selectable Power-Save Mode, emergency circuit (EPO) for immediate shutdown, high efficiency and zero interference optocoupler are some of the features of the 'Quasar' Series Three Phase UPS available from SIEL Australasia.
Rear wall-mounting possible as a result of free front access is possible with the 'Quasar' Series Three Phase UPS. The 'Quasar' Series Three Phase UPS is microprocessor controlled, has IGBT power modules, an integrated battery up to 8 minutes for 40kVA model and five 5 switches for isolation and protection. They can be mounted on castor wheels for easy location, enable remote communication and have an auto-diagnostic system built within.

The Siel T2000 is also classified under the Three Phase UPS range. The Siel T2000 UPS has sufficient power ratings to support the mains load of the entire building, sufficient run-time to close applications, save files and shutdown the operating systems. The standard run-times is up to eight hours and this allows the person to complete the day's work without disturbance, even when there is a power cut.

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