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Generators and rectifiers from SIEL Australasia

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SIEL Australasia make diesel generators, which are useful as a back up source of power. Siel Gensets and Generators offer complete independence from any interruptions in the main supply. Although UPS are the most common way of maintaining an uninterrupted power supply in a site with high power outages, SIEL Australasia advise the use of Siel Gensets and Generators in conjunction with UPS.

Siel Gensets and Generators made by SIEL Australasia are compact and dependable. They are also fuel efficient and fairly silent in operation. At SIEL Australasia take care to see that Siel Gensets and Generators can be tailored to meet clients’ specifications. There are specific stocks of pre-built Gensets, but Gensets can also be configured to meet individual client requirements. The minimum range available starts from 5KVA single units.

SIEL Australasia’s Siel Gensets and Generators, in conjunction with Siel UPS, provide power indefinitely, leading to higher efficiencies and output in any site which is vulnerable to frequent outages.

The rectifier range includes the Rectifier and Allis R100C Switching Mode Rectifier. All three rectifiers are compact, have high efficiency, a switch mode and can operate as a stand-alone unit or in a rack environment with overall control from CSU. Active current sharing, battery recharging current limit control, battery voltage regulation, automatic battery equalisation and battery temperature compensation some other features.

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