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Hot extrusion bars from Siderval SpA

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Siderval SpA  are involved in the production of special hot extrusion bars. The special extrusion bars offered by Siderval SpA are made using their hot extrusion process that is based on the the latest technological innovation. Siderval SpA also transform different types of steel, carbon, alloys and titanium.

Siderval SpA use an automated process and produce the extruded bars following a streamlined process comprising five stages, leading to a final product of profile bars with straightness and warp less than 0.5 mm per minute.

Siderval SpA produce special extrusion bars, which find uses in diverse industries including lift trucks, weapons and boring rods. These bars are also used by the automotive, aeronautical, medical, food and maritime industries.

Siderval SpA products are also used in building architectural structures, railways, heating systems, lift systems, drawing mills and the energy industry. They reinforce architectural structures and agricultural machinery. The products of Siderval SpA are available in many parts of Europe, Asia, South East Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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