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Hot extruded steel bars from SIDERVAL SpA

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SIDERVAL SpA  specialises in supply of hot extruded steel bars produced by hot extrusion. SIDERVAL SpA can transform different types of steel including carbon, stainless steel and alloys and titanium.

The production of hot extruded steel undertaken by SIDERVAL SpA includes the steps of preparation, cutting, heating, extrusion and straightening. SIDERVAL SpA purchases raw material, laminated or forged solid round bars. An automatic peeling system which has an annual production capacity of 42,000 tons is used for the process of preparation.

SIDERVAL SpA uses special automatic saws and the round steel bars are cut into ingots of different lengths based on the weight per metre and the length of the profiles to be made. The ingots are heated in induction furnaces and under controlled atmosphere. The ingots are heated to a temperature required to produce the specific quality steel.

Bars of up to 16 metres length are extruded SIDERVAL SpA using a modern horizontal hydraulic press which has a capacity of 2400 tonnes. These bars have complex sections and are either solid or hollow. The extruded bars have a maximum diameter of 200 millimetres.

The extruded bars are straightened using automatic machinery which ensure straightness and warp of profile bars of less than 0.5 millimetre/metre.

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