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Chemically analysed extrusion bars from Siderval SpA

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Siderval SpA  make high quality extrusion bars. Technology combined with innovation and economical solutions leads to the production of multifaceted and unusual profile shapes in both tubular and solid products.

Siderval SpA specialise in producing orders of small quantities, which result in economic and workable prices. Siderval SpA have obtained quality certification for their products and processes including the ISO 14001:2004 for their production of special steel hot extruded profiles.

The products from Siderval SpA also conform to the standards of Lloyd’s registration for steel sections, RINA, TUV and those set by the Environmental Management System of Australia.

Siderval SpA operate a technical department, which carries out tests to ensure the quality of special hot extrusion bars. Technological tests, surface tests and non destructive tests form a part of the quality control methods. Products are also chemically analysed to maintain high product standards.

Siderval SpA maintain all the specifications as per international quality control certifications and periodically conduct their own in-house quality checks to maintain their position in the international market for special hot extrusion bars.

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