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TRANSNOVA-Ruf, specialising in packaging, palletiser, and robot technology, has created a complete 6-axle robot packaging and palletising system for Grundig in Vienna.

Every ten seconds, in a chaotic sequence of actions, a television is packed ready for despatch.

Up to seven different devices can be fed into the system simultaneously.

Erwin Sick's bar-code scanners, the CLV410 and CLV280 with oscillating mirror, ensure that the correct packaging material is ready for each television.

They identify each of the randomly incoming televisions on the basis of their bar-code designation. The packaging plant 's control system uses this information to prepare the right packaging. This is also checked for correctness using a scanner.

SICK M2000 safety light grids (Category 2 according to EN 61496) with muting function are used as non-contact safety devices to safeguard access to the television packaging plant. They enable the plant to distinguish between persons and pallets where the conveyor system enters the packaging area.

As a result,packaging material can be fed in automatically without triggering a machine stop when it enters the M2000 's monitored field. If a person passes,however,the muting sensor detects them because of the illogical order of the signals. The M2000,in conjunction with the LE20 muting evaluation unit,then reliably switches the plant 's hazardous movements off.

A SICK WTV18-2 photoelectric proximity switch with background blanking monitors precise positioning even with highly reflective packaging surfaces, so the boxes are always ready in exactly the right position.

In the process, the WL12-2 photoelectric reflex switches (equipped with polarisation filters) reliably detect even shiny objects, such as shrink film.

For more information contact Erwin Sick Optic Electronic on 1800 334 802.

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