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World's fastest camera for 3D contour measurement

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At 35,000 contour profiles per second, more than 1,500 pieces of 3D contour data per profile – the Ranger E camera system sets the standard in 3D contour measurement under industrial conditions. 

Presented by Sick , the various versions all offer the world’s fastest measurements for high-speed applications, extremely high accuracy for detecting the finest of details, integrated 3-D data evaluation, and a gigabit Ethernet interface for rapid data transfer. 

The Ranger E’s MultiScan function also allows several different object features to be measured and evaluated simultaneously, e.g. grey value, dazzle, 3D and laser scatter.

The Ranger E 3D measurement system can be integrated into user’s analysis and inspection environments as the central component of an image processing system. Its image processing unit is available with two different resolutions, as an optional high-resolution line version, and as an infrared version. 

The RS-422 interface allows connection of an encoder for precise detection of an object’s speed in the measurement field. Ranger E has a gigabit Ethernet interface to allow the 3-D co-ordinates calculated in the camera to be transferred to a PC for real-time data evaluation. 

Equipped for a variety of requirements

All versions of the Ranger E can be used in the most varied of tasks. These include, among others:

  • checking components in pick and place processes, examining soldering paste, or inspecting circuit boards in the electronics industry;
  • robot guidance, unloading of trading units, and automatic palletising in robotics;
  • checking tyres, and surface inspections of tiles;
  • portioning meat, fish, or vegetables; assuring the quality of fruit or baked goods in the food industry;
  • assuring the quality of laminated boards, optimising sawing processes, or measuring tree trunks in the timber industry.

The Ranger E’s features thus offer new possibilities for inline inspection systems in the most varied of sectors.  

Further Ranger variants  

The Ranger family also includes two other variants. Ranger C offers the same performance features as Ranger E, but uses a CameraLink interface instead of Ethernet for data transfer. Ranger D is a brand-new camera that provides particularly economical 3D contour measurement solutions by deliberately doing without high-speed profile measurement and the MultiScan functionality, as well as by limiting the possible software parameters.

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