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SICK-STEGMANN has introduced the BKS absolute wire-draw encoder and the PKS incremental wire-draw encoder. Both devices offer an extremely compact and robust aluminium housing and are available for measurement lengths of 2m and 5m.

A highly accurate measurement drum within the encoders and the high resolution of 0.05mm provide extremely precise and reproducible measurement results.

The interfaces of the wire-draw encoders - SSI for the BKS absolute system and TTL for the incremental encoder - meet the demands of industrial automation technology.

The compact wire-draw encoders were specially developed for applications in which mounting space is limited, a robust complete unit is necessary and short to medium measurement lengths are the rule.

The BKS and PKS wire-draw encoders feature dimensions of 90 x 90 x 90mm³, the tough housing and the stable steel-wire return spring, as well as the 2m and 5m measurement length variants.

Typical applications include presses, stamping and spraying machines, timber and metal processing machines, apparatus construction or medical technology.

The BTF and PRF wire-draw encoders offer tailor-made opportunities for precise path measurement and position determination for large measurement distances of up to 50m in harsh operating environments.

Wire-draw encoders are used wherever positions require determination and paths must be measured.

The encoders are ideal when it is essential to measure paths that pass around a corner because of jointed or hinged mechanisms. In these situations, the integrated wire-draw mechanism allows the determination of exact position and path data even without precise linear guidance.

For this purpose, the integrated encoder determines the number of rotations of the wire-draw drum and converts it to a measurement signal proportional to length. This then provides high-resolution position or path information on the linear distance measured.

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