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Wide range of applications for indoor use - 3D snapshot with 3vistor-T from SICK

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World-leading manufacturer of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications, SICK introduces 3vistor-T 3D vision sensors designed to maximise flexibility in indoor use with innovative 3D snapshot technology.

SICK’s 3vistor-T provides real-time depth information for each pixel, even for stationary applications based on time-of-flight measurement. This is done by transferring all 3D raw data or application-specific information, which has already been pre-processed, in a way that has been customised to suit the specific application. High-performance visualisation tools and reliable 3D information make the 3vistor-T the ideal sensor solution for applications involving intralogistics, robotics or industrial vehicles.

The 3vistor-T sensors are available in two different product variants: The 3vistor-T CX version is a basic 3D camera providing high-quality 3D point clouds while the 3vistor-T AG version is a smart 3D camera providing both complete and reduced 3D data, based on the requirement.

Key features of SICK’s 3vistor-T 3D vision sensors include more than 25,000 distance and intensity values provided in a single recording; 3D information also available for stationary applications; programmable interface allowing data to be transmitted to external PCs for further evaluation; and 3D time-of-flight technology providing spatial and depth information in real time for each image.

Depending on the variant, the 3D time-of-flight technology outputs a pure point cloud, appropriately reduced image data, or image data. The time-of-flight of a light signal between the object and the target object is measured for each point of the image. As soon as the arrival time of the reflected light signal is known, the distance (the third dimension) between the object and the target object can be calculated.

The 3vistor-T offers users the flexibility of a preconfigured variant for automated guided vehicles or a powerful 3D camera for individualised programming. The 3vistor-T can be installed quickly, is immediately ready for use, and features intuitive control.

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