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WLL180T fibre-optic photoelectric sensors from Sick are not only convenient, light-intensive, and compact; they are also very fast. In fact, WLL180T fibre-optic photoelectric sensors have a response time of just 16 µs. In addition, extremely high light intensity and high resolution means that they can reach top values concerning range and functional reserves.

The latter increases process reliability during operations in dusty or misty environments. Start-up is as easy as one can imagine – it takes place either via the external teach input from the machine controller or directly on the sensor. All of the programming steps, status indications, and the set values and actual values are visualized via two four-digit digital displays.

WLL180T fibre-optic photoelectric sensors are well suited for various industries

Because of their high speed, range, and process reliability, WLL180T fibre-optic photoelectric sensors are suitable for many applications. Suitable industries for use include the electronics, solar, semiconductor, assembly, handling, robotics, and packaging sectors. The broad range of different fibre-optic cables makes the sensors very versatile – among other things, in terms of durability, bending radii, and mounting options.

Use as stand-alone sensor or in bus configuration

Depending on the requirements, WLL180T fibre-optic photoelectric sensors can be operated either as a stand-alone sensor or – saving wiring costs – in bus configuration. For this purpose, the devices have an integrated bus technology that allows cascading several sensors. This configuration also permits copying the setting parameters of a WLL180T to all of the other bus participants. Their integrated anti-interference logic rules out any mutual influencing of fibre-optics installed close to each other.

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