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WL27-3 photoelectric switch with light array

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SICK  is presenting a new WL27-3 photoelectric switch, the Reflex Array Sensor, with a 50 mm light array. The leading edges of small, flat, transparent or heterogeneous objects are reliably detected within the light array regardless of their position – on a conveyor system or during ejection on discharge. The Reflex Array Sensor considerably reduces installation costs and shortens commissioning times – beating conventional solutions (involving several individual photoelectric switches or a small light grid) in cost comparisons.  

The Reflex Array Sensor is the ideal solution when ”classic” photoelectric switches cannot cope with small object height differences because the leading edge is detected too late or signal interruptions are triggered by heterogeneous objects in the light beam. The light-intensive red PinPoint LED, in combination with the special sensor optics, generates a constant 50-mm-wide light array between the photoelectric switch and the reflector. This allows the reliable detection of objects larger than 12 mm with varying positions or heights. Thanks to PinPoint Technology, the Reflex Array Sensor has a range of 4.5 m.  

Rapidly ready for operation

The time factor is not an issue in the installation and commissioning of the Reflex Array Sensor. Only one sensor, only one connector for the power supply, and only one reflector considerably reduce the installation effort compared to former sensor concepts. The same applies for commissioning: the red light array is highly visible on the reflector thanks to the PinPoint LED. Alignment is supported by the two indicator LEDs. They light up when the light array is entirely reproduced on the reflector after teach-in. If they blink, the operator can immediately optimise alignment so that the light array is available with its full 50 mm width.  

Cost-effective solution for wide variety of applications

Cost efficiency is the top priority for today’s automation solutions. The WL27-3 with its light array meets this demand. The sensor wins cost comparisons in two regards. The Reflex Array Sensor is ahead when one considers the number of components to be installed: with just one sensor housing, one connector and one reflector, both installation and wiring costs are reduced by up to 50% in comparison with double photoelectric switches (with two sensors, two connectors and one reflector) or light grids (each with a transmitter and receiver to be wired up).  

The Reflex Array Sensor with its light array opens up both technically and economically interesting application fields. These include, for example, the detection of curved wooden slats and metal parts; irregular packages and bags; or glass. Further applications include the counting of parts or monitoring ejection systems.

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