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W4S-3 miniature series proximity switch from Sick

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The new W4S-3 miniature series measures all things wherever an object requires detection under difficult conditions and the sensor must be as small as possible.

Initial pilot users in the beverages and packaging industry, in conveyor and warehousing systems, in the handling and robotics sectors, or in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries believe that the W4S-3 series is on its way to the top – not least because both the sensor technology and the mounting concept are right.

The W4S-3 available from Sick has a robust plastic housing, whose metal threaded sleeve allows solid mounting.

Photoelectric switches with precise light spot and tracking switching threshold:

The highly visible, small, precise light spot of the series’ autocollimation photoelectric switches is impressive. It allows rapid and simple alignment of the device on the reflector and the reliable detection of even small objects.

Moreover, this feature allows the sensor to see through screens and gaps between conveyor belts during operation.

The tracking switching threshold of the W4S-3 permits the reliable detection of transparent objects such as PET bottles or transparent ampoules.

Conditions such as temperature fluctuations or dust have no effect on detection reliability. During operation, the sensor signals needs cleaning, after which it can immediately resume work without re-adjustment unlike many other devices.

Photoelectric proximity switch offers high precision and IO link:

The combination of laser-like light spot and electronically adjustable background suppression allows the scanner of the series to precisely detect small objects even in front of close backgrounds.

In addition to the monitoring of contamination, the device permits more detailed adjustment and diagnosis due to the IO Link option, i.e. the expansion of the sensor switching output to create a communication interface.

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