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W2 and W4-3 series real high-tech space phenomena ideal for several applications

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Those considering miniature sensors want powerful automation solutions in small spaces. The W2 and W4-3 series, important technology trend-setters in their segments, are real high-tech space phenomena for numerous applications.

Whether as a matchstick-thin slim version or as flat as a pancake, the W2 is among a small series of opto-sensors for industrial uses. The W4-3 in sugar cube design impresses through its numerous new technologies and its fieldbus capability via IO Link.

W2: precise positioning, transparent scanning
Whether particularly narrow or extremely flat, the W2 series, with its through-beam and photoelectric reflex switches and proximity switches, offers the right housing for every mounting situation. While the photoelectric switches have long ranges and high performance reserves, the laser-like light spot ensures that the photoelectric proximity switches with background suppression offer maximum precision and resistance to interference, e.g. during circuit board detection or the positioning of handling systems.

With their V-optics, the energetic scanners are particularly suitable for the detection of transparent and reflective objects, e.g. test tubes in automatic analysers. In addition, the slim and flat versions reliably fulfil users’ high EMC, impact and vibration immunity demands.

W4-3: series with scanner
With the through-beam and reflex photoelectric switches, and the photoelectric proximity switch, the W4-3 series also offers suitable alternative solutions with interesting performance data. The photoelectric switches are capable of reliably detecting small objects even over ranges of up to 4 m. Several new technologies make the WT4-3 photoelectric proximity switch the benchmark in its market segment.

A new sensor chip allows not only electronic scanning distance adjustment and background suppression, but also fieldbus connection of the sensor via IO Link. Even jet black objects are reliably detected, with pin-point LEDs. Moreover, they prevent spill-over reflections and thus ensure high repeatability.

Furthermore, the optics are specially coated, so that ambient and third-party light is reliably filtered out. The poured cable fittings offer maximum robustness and tightness, providing an enclosure rating of IP 69K. That the WT4-3 can deservedly be described as top of its class has been shown by a range of tests against devices available on the market. Under all test conditions, the high-tech scanner achieved top values, both in the suppression of reflective backgrounds, and in the suppression of active and passive sources of interference.

With increasingly compact machines and plant, e.g. in the electronics industry, in handling and robotics, or in pharmaceuticals and the analytical segment, the demands made of the relevant sensors are growing. Long ranges or reading distances, reliable object detection even under harsh operating conditions or with critical surfaces, flexible mounting options, standardised electrical connection technology and simple operation (particularly in the installed state) are important requirements entirely met by the W2 and W4-3 series.

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