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W12-3 series photoelectric switches available from Sick

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The new W12-3 series of photoelectric switches from Sick are robust, powerful and come with IO link.

Reliable object detection and maximum availability in industrial environments, coupled with comprehensive sensor monitoring, underline its clear lead over conventional opto-sensors.

Thus the new W12-3 series, which Sick is presenting for the first time at the SPS/IPC/Drives 2007 trade fair in Nuremberg, sets the new standard for automation under demanding conditions.

The W12-3 series of photoelectric switches, with its innovative chip technology, has been designed as a broad platform for solving the most varied of automation tasks in difficult situations.

Ideal for all object distances:

The WSE12-3 through-beam photoelectric switch is the ideal solution for applications in which long ranges of up to 20m, or greater performance reserves, are necessary, e.g. in order to ensure high detection reliability in an environment in which contamination may occur.

With its autocollimation principle, the WL12-3 photoelectric reflex switch is particularly suitable for reliable object detection at ultra-short-range or at long distances.

The new WL12-3 series photoelectric proximity switches are also suitable for small objects due to their small light spot and offer an IO Link option.

The conversion of the sensor’s switching output to a communication interface can be used for, among other things, parameter downloads from a machine controller or wide-ranging remote diagnosis.

The detection results are ideal with foreground suppression (the WTF12-3) or with background suppression (WTB12-3) not least because reflections from the surroundings that could cause optical interference are reliably detected and suppressed by the innovative chip technology.

Dampness, electromagnetic sources of interference, flashlights or vibrations also have no effect on the reliable function of the device.

Rapid detection, universal mounting, simple diagnosis:

Due to their short response times, all the devices in the series can also reliably detect objects at rapid process speeds.

Two 360° LEDs (offering good all-round vision) provide operating voltage and light reception which permit simple and effective diagnosis of the current sensor status.

Versatile installation using dovetail mounting or reinforced mounting holes, for example, guarantees maximum mounting freedom. Pivoting plug or cable connections permit the flexible laying of cables.

Good in harsh environments:

Process reliability and dependability under all environmental conditions are the top priority for the entire W12-3 series.

For this reason, all devices have a robust, highly pressure-resistant metal housing that meets the demands of enclosure rating IP69k.

Resistance to detergents, disinfectants and lubricants opens up a wide variety of applications under harsh operating conditions within a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C.

The W12-3 is also available in a Teflon-coated option if more demands have to be met. 

Those seeking optical sensors that can solve demanding tasks, keep up with rapid process speeds and provide high availability in harsh industrial conditions have made exactly the right choice with the new W12-3 from Sick.

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