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Vision camera inspects packaging and printing in a single pass

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article image The IVC-2D provides two inspections in a single pass.
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NEW tools for character detection is now available with the IVC-2D Industrial Vision Camera - both packaging and its printing can be inspected at the same time. It is available from Sick Pty Ltd .

The ability to check geometrical features as well as detect and read characters in a single work-step makes the IVC-2D a complete solution offering versatile use.

Application examples include the inspection of food packaging and their printed sell-by dates, or checking pharmaceutical packages and batch numbers.

The comprehensive program library of the IVC-2D has been enhanced with new tools for detecting and reading characters.

Letters, numbers and logos on labels or printing directly on packages can now be checked with shapes, geometries, sizes or designs in a single inspection step. Several variants are available depending on the intended use.


The particular font required is taught into the image processing system to allow the IVC-2D to detect or read text information or logos.

Character recognition operates completely independently of the selected language and can also reliably check multilingual printing.

In the case of the OCR process (optical character recognition), the system evaluates all recognised characters and thus reads any desired text or block of numbers.

If it is necessary to reduce the evaluation time, the OCR evaluation can be set up in such a way that only the expected individual symbols are detected. The system must then no longer read every letter or number, but checks that the detected characters match those that are expected.

With OCV Mode (optical character verification), complete sequences of letters or numbers can be inspected as a unit.

While in OCR Mode the IVC-2D transmits the data that has been read and the OCV process assesses whether the read result is correct or incorrect.

IVC-2D - the tool for image processing experts

The IVC-2D is an image-processing system designed for industrial use offering experts versatile possibilities. It offers over 100 software tools with which the most varied of two-dimensional tasks can be solved.

Shapes, geometries, sizes, designs, characters or logos - OEMs or integrators can make very detailed camera settings to meet their object detection needs via the graphic programming interface.

The camera solution is exclusively oriented towards machine function - with no compromises and thus with no impairment of its performance potential.

A variety of pixel resolutions, a shutter for reducing the influence of ambient light, industry-oriented housing and connection technology, and impact- and vibration-proofing ensure a high level of smart camera availability.

Fieldbus-enabled through fast Ethernet

In addition to three freely programmable switching outputs and an RS-485 interface, the IVC-2D offers a fast Ethernet connection for data and parameter transmission to the machine controller. Therefore, there are no communication restrictions for OEM use.

The product also meets EU 178/2002 stipulations.

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