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A LARGE variety of versions, rapid world-wide availability and extremely user-friendly zero-impulse teach-in at the touch of a button (unique among incremental encoders world-wide) are the most important features of DRS 60 incremental encoders, in the CoreTech series from SICK |STEGMANN.

CoreTech is a consistent, comprehensively modular principle. While mechanical variants and individual line numbers or resolutions usually involve the need to maintain a large variety of individual components, all versions of the incremental CoreTech DRS 60 encoder always make use of the same ASIC-based core.

With the same code disk inside every core, the DRS 60 can realise all line numbers between 1 to 8,192. Differential scanning by the ASIC scanning element achieves high-quality signals and a high level of immunity to interference.

Definition of the core, produced economically in large unit numbers and with high quality, and the assembly of the other encoder components: shaft, flange, circuit board, housing and plug, can be carried out at the works or at any of the 16 CoreTech stations world-wide.

As a result, it is possible to provide every user in the world's most important industrial markets with each individual DRS 60 within 48 hours.

This considerably reduces the downtimes of affected machines and also makes storekeeping unnecessary.

User-friendliness is very large with the DRS 60. While most incremental shaft encoders necessitate a complicated process to assign the zero impulse to a mechanical reference point, with these encoders the zero impulse is electronically allocated at the touch of a button.

Thus there is no need for the usual mechanical loosening and rotation of the encoder.

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