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User-Friendly Label Recognition in Keg Filling Plant with 2D Vision Sensor from Sick

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Sensor solutions from Sick are being used to detect the presence of different labels on kegs at a keg-filling plant in Denmark. Sick’s 2D vision sensor offers superior integration ease and user-friendliness.  

The Danish Carlsberg Group headquartered in Copenhagen is the fourth largest brewery group in the world offering a range of leading beer brands including Carlsberg, Tuborg, Kronenbourg and Feldschlösschen.  

Different brands of beer are brewed in the breweries in Fredericia, Denmark and filled in kegs for the Danish market as well as for export.  

Each keg leaving the plant must be labeled to differentiate between the different beer brands in storage so that they do not get mixed up.  

A solution was required for recognising the different labels reliably, even with certain deviations in position and alignment. In addition to high reliability in the harsh conditions of the filling plant, particular value was also placed on easy integration and efficiency.  

Sick’s 2D Vision Sensor with integrated lighting and image analysis  

KHS, a manufacturer of filling systems in Kriftel, Germany recommended Sick’s 2D vision sensor as a solution for Carlsberg.  

Being a compact device that can work without the need for additional lighting, the Inspector 2D vision sensor is particularly easy to integrate, operate, commission or adjust by the end users themselves.  

The sensor detects whether a label is in the measuring field, compares it with the taught-in images and checks whether a label is on the keg.  

The 2D vision sensor ensures reliable label recognition regardless of position and alignment, different distances between keg and sensor or reflection from the shiny stainless steel surface of the kegs.  

Enclosure rating of IP 67 ensures that the sensor has the necessary durability in case of product leakage.  

Key benefits of 2D vision sensors 

  • Fast integration and operation
  • Safe and reliable processes
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduction in the manual workflow
  • Filling line can be used for different beer bands without retrofitting with sensors
  • Integrated lighting and image analysis for a cost-effective solution with quick ROI
  • Suitable for harsh environments

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