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Universal voltage photoelectric switch

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article image Range of 7m and high detection reliability.
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SICK has released the WL11 UC, a photoelectric reflex switch that is suitable for both direct and alternating voltage supplies.

It has a range of 7m and a high detection reliability with objects with highly-reflective surfaces. It also has an electrically-safe isolated switching output. It is suitable for use in the packaging industry or in storage and conveyor technology. It complies with the EN 61000-6-3 CE standard for interfering radiation and is suitable for applications in residential and commercial areas, for example as a sensor for controlling doors and gates.

It can be supplied with 24V-240V dc as well as with 24V-240V ac. It has a red-light transmitter, allowing the sensor to be easily and precisely aligned. It has an ABS plastic housing, scratchproof PMMA optics and an enclosure rating of IP 65, giving a high level of WL 11 UC stability during use. The maximum switching frequency is 20Hz, allowing rapidly moving objects to be reliably detected. It has a universal voltage supply, is simple to install and complies with the EN 61000-6-3 CE standard for interfering radiation.

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