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article image MaihakLOT 369 electromechanical bulk material universal level indicator.
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THE SICK-MAIHAK universal level indicator, the electromechanical MaihakLOT 369, can be used to measure any bulk material from any industry.

The MaihakLOT 369 offers versatile, precise and reliable operation.

Using a variety of sensing weights, the MaihakLOT 369 can measure all kinds of material from the finest marble dust to soy beans right through to pellets and other coarse solids. The MaihakLOT 369's special perforated weight allows sediments and deposits in fluids to also be reliably measured.

The measuring path can be up to 70m long. The MaihakLOT 369 can measure in narrow installation connections and narrow silos.

The measuring result is immune to high dust content in the measuring path, changing moisture levels, or any other characteristics of the bulk material.

The measuring signal is output as pulses or as a 4-20 mA signal with an accuracy of up to 1mm.

Measuring values, movements, and the current position of the sensing weight are displayed on a screen.

Electrical contacts such as the relay "lot in operation" and "move sensing weight up" can help make the overall procedure safer for the employees filling the silo.

A sensing weight, which can either be submerged or securely suspended, "detects" and automatically releases the device by alternately loosening and tightening the traction cable. This stainless-steel cable is even resistant to tensile loads applied at an angle. It is also durable, flexible and kink-resistant.

The device supports short measuring cycles. This means the MaihakLOT 369 can be classed as a device that carries out continuous measurements.

Measurements can be made quickly with the "hover function" in which sensing weight is only raised by up to 1m over the bulk material and not to its full height.

Liquid levels can also be continuously measured using the "follow-up function" where a float is placed on the surface of the liquid and measures the height of the liquid in the container as it rises and falls.

The MaihakLOT 369 is suitable for product temperatures of between -40°C and +150°C and a process pressure of up to two bar.

The electronics in the cable chamber are sealed so they are dust and water-tight. The device is approved for use in hazardous dust areas.

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