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Ultrasound sensors ranging up to 6000mm

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THE UM 30 series of ultrasound sensors, available from SICK , offers solutions for analogue and limit value determination and has a variety of ranges and output versions.

Ultrasound sensors in the UM 30 series offer five ranges up to 6000mm. Each version is available with one or two binary outputs (two outputs for linked switching points for min-max control of filling levels, for example), and with an analogue output for continuous detection tasks.

SICK provides for every physical sensor principle including opto-electronic, inductive, capacitive, magnetic and ultrasound sensors. SICK also supplies a special sensor for detecting double sheets. Electronic teach-in allows all devices to be prepared for operation rapidly and easily.

Ultrasound sensors scan without contact by emitting an ultrasound impulse and evaluating the time-of-flight of the impulse, accounting for ambient temperature and other factors. Depending on the variant, they either provide binary distance information via one or two switching outputs or distance-proportional information via an analogue output.

The sensors are suitable for detecting transparent objects, foils, liquids or bulk materials even in harsh environmental conditions.

The ultrasound sensors are suitable for a variety of uses in automobile construction, the packaging industry and the cement industry. These uses include measuring filling levels, positioning tasks, checking presence, access and distance, monitoring heights and distance to prevent collisions, and other applications involving object detection.

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