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Ultrasound in the gas pipeline

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SICK-MAIHAK 's ultrasonic gauge meter, FLOWSIC 600, is a process and flow measuring meter that functions using ultrasound.

This device measures gas velocity, volumetric flow, and volumes over a large measuring range quickly, reliably, and with precision.

The device measures ethylene, carbon monoxide, natural gas, biogas, steam, compressed air, hydrogen and many other kinds of gas including gas mixtures. It is suitable for open and closed-loop applications both for company-internal metering and billing and for measurements requiring calibration.

Small high frequency transducers, are the building blocks of the FLOWSIC 600. Their purpose is to inject the ultrasound effectively into the gas. This means the high-accuracy multi-path technology is also available for short nominal widths of DN50 (2”) and above. The device can use up to four measuring paths, ensuring scalable accuracy.

The FLOWSIC 600 can offer bi-directional operation, automatic self-diagnosis functions, and measurements without pressure loss. The device is compact, robust, and requires very little maintenance.

Thanks to its energy-saving components, the FLOWSIC 600 also consumes very little energy. This means it can even be used in very remote locations under extreme conditions, for example, in high-pressure pipelines used in the natural gas industry. In this application, the device can also be operated with a solar panel.

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