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Ultrasonic transit time measurement technology by SICK – optimal for measurement of volumetric flow in blast furnace gas

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Sick  recently implemented their FLOWSIC100 PROCESS ultrasonic transit time measurement technology as a solution for the continuous measurement of the velocity and volumetric flow of blast furnace gas.

Formed during the process of making pig iron blast furnace gas is a high energy gas drawn off directly at the upper funnel end of the top of the furnace. After removal of the nitric oxides, the blast furnace gas has a high heating value and is fed back into the furnace process in a resource friendly way.

Blast furnace gas is also used for environmentally sound power generation, and constitutes an important factor in the calculation of operating costs for a steel mill.

The flow in the blast furnace gas duct has to be measured as precisely as possible to determine exactly the amount of gas transported to the downstream consumers. The gas flow cannot be inhibited by the measurement technology, there can be no loss of pressure caused, and no mechanical installations can be made directly in the path of the gas flow.
Contaminations, condensates and other density fluctuations cannot impair the measurement result and maintenance efforts have to be kept to a minimum.

Sick’s task was to find a means of continuous measurement of the gas velocity and determination of the volumetric flow to be installed in the at the measurement point; in the explosion hazardous area.

The FLOWSIC100 PROCESS ultrasonic transit time measurement system has been developed for measurement tasks of this kind and thanks to its ultrasonic measurement principle was particularly suitable for this application. The high-precision measurement is effected contact-free and integral through the diameter of the pipeline. Therefore it is independent of pressure, temperature and composition of the gas.

Strongly fluctuating currents do not bother the FLOWSIC100 PROCESS as a high measuring range and short reaction times ensure a precise and reliable measurement at any time, also in water-saturated gas.

Explosion protected sensors with authorisation for explosion zones 1 and 2 according to the European code ATEX 94/9/EG are used within the FLOWSIC100 PROCESS, and the control unit is installed outside the explosive area.

The sensor system of the FLOWSIC100 PROCESS is furnished with a special probe retraction mechanism that enables quick exchange, even during operation, thus saving a lot of time and money.

Key benefits of the FLOWSIC100 PROCESS ultrasonic transit time measurement system include:

  • reliable, precise, simple and trouble-free 
  • short reaction times and high measuring precision, especially suitable for the energy balance
  • wide measuring range for the measurement of strongly varying volumetric flows
  • high measuring dynamics
  • modular device concept offering the best solution for all conditions
  • comfortable installation without pressure decreasing components inserted in the gas flow for reliable flow measurement without loss of energy
  • insensitive against contamination and nearly maintenance free
  • probe retraction mechanism for the exchange of the probe without switching off the facility.

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