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UF ultrasonic fork sensor available from Sick

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The new UF ultrasonic fork sensor from Sick reliably detects labels and substrates with any colour, transparency and surface properties.

The UF ultrasonic fork sensor’s functional principle and the compact IP65 metal housing (unique on the market) also mean that the UF can be used wherever conditions are harsh and space is limited or, for example, contamination can be expected.

Transparent labels on transparent substrates, labels with differing printing, the ultrasonic fork (UF) is the first choice when the detection situation makes high demands.

The UF is the ideal solution for adhesive tape on an envelope, holes in a foil, where the edges of transparent labels must be detected, or when it is necessary to differentiate between single- and multi-layered materials.

Why? Because the ultrasonic process of the UF does not rely on optical properties, but on attenuation of the sensor’s acoustic signal which depends on the thickness of the material.

Detects fine structures at high speed:

A 2-millimetre separation between labels is sufficient to allow the UF to detect them individually on a substrate band.

Detection capability and speed both together ensure accurate attachment of the labels in the machine. The user can individually define the output switching signal because the UF offers both NPN and PNP switching as standard.

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