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The OLM100 optical linear measurement sensor from Sick

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article image Sick introduces the OLM100 optical linear measurement sensor
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SICK is pursuing new paths in distance measurement with the OLM100 optical linear measurement sensor. By scanning a barcode tape, the sensor determines positions on straights as well as in corners – even at high speeds and with great precision. This makes the OLM100 linear measurement sensor interesting for numerous intralogistical applications, such as:

  • Overhead electric conveyors
  • Rail-mounted shuttles
  • Slewing rings
  • Turntables
  • Hoisting systems
  • Robots
 The OLM10 linear measurement sensor orients itself by means of a barcode tape installed along a travel section measuring up to 10 km. By scanning the barcodes that are printed on the barcode tape at 3-cm intervals, the optical linear measurement sensor determines the current position – with a resolution of up to 0.1 mm. For output of the position values one has different interfaces available, among them RS422, RS485, SSI, and CANopen.

Features of the OLM10 linear measurement sensor include:

  • OLM100 linear measurement sensor is housed in a rugged metal housing
  • No moveable parts succeptable to wear are included on the sensor
  • LED-based sensor technology is robust and durable
  • The light beam on the linear measurement sensor is very bright: It is very well visible when aligning the sensor to the tape; and allows reliable scanning of the barcodes during operation and ensures a maximum amount of functional reserve as well as immunity against ambient light
  • Installation of the linear measurement sensor – either by means of four through boreholes in the housing or the T-slot on the back – fits nearly any condition
  • The measuring distance between the linear measurement sensor and the barcode tape is specified to 100 mm +/- 20 mm – therefore, any corresponding distance tolerances along the travel have no influence on reliable position detection
  • The barcode tape masters nearly any possible conditions in the facility. It is flexible enough that it adjusts to temperature fluctuations between - 30 °C and + 60 °C, expanding or contracting with the ground

The OLM100 linear measurement sensor constitutes the ideal solution for path measurement on straight lines and around corners. Usable flexibly in diverse applications, the linear measurement sensor delivers convincing performance because of low installation, commissioning, and operating costs, as well as a high level of plant availability.

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