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The LD-MRS laser scanner - vehicle control via laser

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The LD-MRS laser scanner can detect its surroundings in any weather and light conditions.

The LD-MRS laser scanner scans its surroundings on four levels simultaneously. The four levels are used to compensate for variables like changes in slopes and the natural pitching motion of vehicles. In addition, the LD-MRS detects up to three consecutive reflections per measurement and per level at ranges of up to 200 m. As a result, any obstacles can be easily detected and avoided.

Areas of use for the LD-MRS laser scanner:

  • Agriculture: It is used in automation of harvesting processes
  • Shipping: It provides support during docking and prevents collisions when passing through locks
  • Mining
  • Prevention of collisions between robots

What makes the LD-MRS laser scanner stand out? 

  • At -40°C to 70°C, this Sick laser scanner has a very large temperature range 
  • One of Sick’s smallest laser scanners with a long measurement range 
  • The first Sick laser scanner to scan its surroundings on several measurement levels simultaneously. (Compensation of pitching movements: differentiation between measurements on an uneven surface and measurements of obstacles). Increased measurement redundancy 
  • Particularly reliable, even under harsh environmental conditions (poor weather, dust, etc.)

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