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The DWS510-Static: a combined volume measurement and weighing system

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SICK  has developed the DWS510-Static combined volume measurement and weighing system for acquiring complete data (volume, weight and ID) on the consignments of courier, express and package service providers (CEP) as well as in logistics centres. Intended for low and medium throughputs of up to 500 units of freight per hour, at the press of a button it provides all the relevant data for freight calculations or for creating transport documentation. It consists of the proven VMS510 Volume Measurement System, a rugged static weighing system and a hand-held reading device for the code information, all integrated in a stable mechanical structure.  

Mounted on a linear axle, the VMS510 sensor head with integrated evaluation moves above an immobile object to measure it. It transmits a fan-shaped laser beam whose time-of-flight is evaluated to within a few millimetres in the sensor head – providing information on the length, height and width of a cuboid item of freight. Objects with a minimum size of 50 x 50 x 50 mm³ can thus be easily and reliably measured.  

During the volume determination, a weighing system integrated in the load-carrying surface reliably measures the weight of the object. The functional principle of the weighing system is extremely rugged. Thus, for example, a deviation from the horizontal of ±5° is permissible – without leading to a spurious measurement.  

The entire measurement process is triggered by simply scanning the bar code on the object. As soon as the SICK hand-held scanner provides a valid read, the result of the weighing process is called up and the drive of the linear axle started for the volume measurement.      

Highly efficient and user-friendly  

The well-thought-out and rugged concept of the DWS510-Static allows rapid construction and commissioning. In addition, its modular structure permits easy adaptation to particular customer requirements. In operation, the measurement system offers high levels of accuracy and availability. Connection to the customer’s database takes place via SICK’s modular MSC800 system controller, which collects all the data of a measurement process and combines them to form a data set. This compact controller offers a serial RS-232 interface and an Ethernet connection, among others, for reliable transmission of measurement data to customers.  

Approved-for-trade calibration assured  

The development and design of the DWS510-Static is consistently oriented upon international standards and legislative definitions (OIML, MID, national regulations). Thus, for example, all measurement results are stored in the calibration-enabled data memory of the MSC800 before they are made available at the customer interface. Based on the existing certificates for volume measurement and the scales, corresponding documents will also soon be available for the DWS510-Static.  

For improved transport planning and invoicing of performance  

In the CEP and transport sector, apart from the weight it is, above all, the size of the packages or pallets that determines the number of units that can be loaded onto a truck. Whereby the equation "low weight = small package size or small pallet load" is frequently incorrect. Furthermore, in many segments of distribution logistics, volume is one of the relevant values for invoicing by transport service providers. The DWS510-Static now makes it possible to optimise cargo space utilisation while simultaneously carrying out the invoicing of transport and distribution performance on the basis of the unit numbers, volumes and weights actually transported.

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