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Technological openness ensures secure investment

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SICK has launched a new family of safety light grids including the C4000, C4000 Standard and C4000 Advanced.

They are the first modules forming a co-ordinated safety solution concept that is open to all current and future control environments - from relay, through conventional and safe PLC, to safe field bus.

Moreover, numerous functions are already integrated in the C4000 that can be expanded application-specifically through external memory modules (Intelliface).

Simple installation and operation, flexible configuration, a high level of user-friendliness, comprehensive uniform diagnostics, and technological openness ensure a secured investment in the C4000.

All versions of the C4000 comply with EN 61496, Type 4 and are used for safeguarding hazardous points-of-operation. A variety of additional functions supplement these basic uses and make this safety technology a cost-effective solution.

All current and future peripheral technologies can be served via a standardised interface (SDL Safety Data Link), considerably simplifying purchasing, operation and stock-keeping.

The aims of substantially reducing installation and wiring costs, as well as the space required in a switching cabinet, have been achieved by the C4000 through connection possibilities for a reset button and/or an Emergency Stop button directly at the device.

Taking protective field suppression areas or reduced resolution into account - both can, for example, be required when work-pieces jut out into the protective field or during material insertion - are carried out by the C4000 Advanced through direct object teach-in, saving time.

The 7-segment indicator of both versions can be rotated through 180° via software, making it easy to read and thus diagnosis-friendly: letters and figures are correctly displayed in any mounting orientation - a "3" does not become an "E", a "7" does not become an "L".

The compact memory and function modules of the Intelliface series from SICK open up further options. Specially designed for use with the C4000 light grid, the "intelligent interface" offers the possibility of 1- or 2-cycle operation, having a positive effect on both process frequency and machine productivity.

Up to six programmable operating modes permit rapid adaptation of the C4000's configuration to individual production stages.

The logical linkage of signals from different safety sensors no longer involves awkward wiring, but is achieved quickly and economically through configuration at the modules of the Intelliface series.

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