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Sick  now have a solution to improve flexibility on roll-fed labelling machines, through a programmable incremental encoder and a mark sensor Teach-in.

The Labelling Division, based in Mantova (Italy), is Sidel’s center of excellence for labelling machines and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic labelling machines for the application of pre-cut and roll-fed labels.

A flexible system, an easy to use mark sensor, plus an incremental encoder with a flexible number of pulses per turn are needed. Additionally, the solution must be precise and robust in order to guarantee the labelling quality of the Sidel machines.

On top of this, Sidel would like to use all the labels on the roll in order to reduce label waste and improve the process efficiency.

Using the programmable incremental encoder (DFS60) and the mark sensor (KT5 Teach-in), Sidel has found the winning solution with SICK for its machines. The mark sensor (KT5 Teach-in) detects a mark on the label that indicates the start of a new label and the incremental encoder (DFS60) provides the position of the mark to the control of the labeller. With the KT5 Teach-in, Sidel has chosen for a mark sensor with an easy to use and intuitive Teach-in principle, which can be managed by machine operators worldwide.

With the WL100 Laser, Sidel identified a sensor able to detect the precise end-of-label roll and is now able to more efficiently use a label roll instead of with a standard sensor which Sidel had used previously. This resulted in less label waste and higher efficiency of its machines.

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