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Tailor-made solutions for explosive areas

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THE new SICK -MAIHAK S 700 high-precision analyser provides industries that process combustible materials with a gas measuring system tailored to their individual needs.

The device has two types of housing, which means it can be used in a variety of hazardous areas.

It is inevitable that gases, mist and vapours will sometimes be given off when combustible materials are processed. Combined with atmospheric oxygen, these substances can form an explosive mixture.

Under no circumstances should this mixture come into contact with an ignition source, such as a spark or a hot surface.

For this reason, electrical devices must only be used in hazardous areas in accordance with the safety regulations currently in force.

Gas analysers to be used in explosion protection zones 1 and 2 (as defined by law) must be prototype-tested in accordance with EU Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX 100a).

MAIHAK AG, a company in the Analysers and Process Instrumentation Division of the SICK group is certified to develop and manufacture measuring systems for use in hazardous areas.

Thanks to its two types of housing, the S 700 analyser optimally fulfils the requirements of the chemical and petrochemical industry and many other branches of industry that process combustible materials.

It is also suitable for oil and natural gas extraction on offshore platforms.

The S 715 wall installation housing is designed for use in explosion protection zone 2. If equipped with an appropriate monitoring device, it is also suitable for measuring combustible gases.

The S 720 Ex housing, on the other hand, is used in explosion protection zone 1 and is contained in a pressure-resistant enclosure in accordance with the EEXd type of protection.

Depending on measuring requirements, any of the following can be combined and integrated in the housing:

* NDIR absorption device for one to four components;

* Device for measuring thermal conductivity for one component;

* An interference filter correlation device for up to three components;

* A paramagnetic device for measuring oxygen;

* An electrochemical cell for determining oxygen content.

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