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The TVS100 is a new automated member of Sick ’s People Counter product family. The detection of people takes place using a 3D measuring camera system, whereby the field of view is illuminated with an infrared LED light source. The system operates considerably more accurately than conventional counting solutions thanks to its measurement and evaluation capabilities. This measurement sensor for counting visitors is ideally suited for use in shopping centres, large furniture stores or for measurements in the city marketing segment.

TVS100 automated people counters are comprised of a camera system that measures the distance between the camera and object without contact, on the basis of individual pixels. The internal light source of the people counter (infrared light) illuminates the objects in the camera’s field of view, which is divided into two areas – allowing evaluation of the direction of movement of one or more persons. Regardless of the size and geometry of an area, room or passage, the TVS100 automated people counters can be adapted to any spatial structure, e.g. pillars or electronic goods security gates.  

Image processing uses the distance and image information to detect people moving within the camera’s field of view. A person passing through the light curtain leads to an immediate change in the time-of-flight of the emitted light pulse. The person is counted. Several people – even of differing sizes – walking through the monitored area together are reliably detected and counted. From this information, the evaluation unit determines the flows of persons in terms of direction and numbers. With detection from above, and with its internal image processing, the TVS100 can simultaneously detect and count several persons in the counting area (max. 80 per second) walking side-by-side or behind one another in differing directions of movement. The device offers one serial data interface and an Ethernet interface as well as two digital switching outputs (active low). The TVS100 is accommodated in a robust metal housing. Electrical connection takes place via three M12 round plug connectors.

The maintenance-free TVS100 offers almost no restrictions regarding installation. The system can be installed beyond the path of pedestrians and out-of-reach of any access, and is thus protected from damage or tampering.

Managers of events or areas where people congregate must not exceed the approved number of visitors can benefit from TVS automated people counters. A people-counting system can be used to continuously monitor the number of people in a room and, if necessary, open so-called overflow areas to accept further visitors.

Air conditioning devices can also exploit visitor numbers as a control value to adapt the particular temperature to the number of people. This permits a sustainable saving of energy, and thus both cost-cutting and environmental protection.

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