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NEW position switches, hinge switches and solenoid releases make up the i10 series now available from SICK .

The complete programme of safety switches from SICK includes position switches, switches with actuators and solenoid releases, as well as sensors and control devices in a variety of versions.

Devices in the series use modern, non-contact (in some cases) and locking technology that ensures the opening, closing and locking of mechanical protective equipment over a long lifetime.

Switching actions of up to 30 x 106 are possible even when the devices experience impacts, vibrations or contamination.

Enclosure have ratings of up to IP67, with suitable housings and contact materials that allow use even in harsh industrial environments. Some devices can be employed in potentially explosive Zone 2 areas.

The position switches of the i10 series are cased in corrosion-proof, EN 50047-compliant, plastic housings with an enclosure rating of IP67. The i10 series has a three-pin switching element that allows high control categories to be achieved.

The i110 metal positioning switch, in its robust metal casing, has a four-pin switching element that also enables high control categories.

A variety of contact elements offer flexible connection to machine control systems. New creeping switching elements and a spring switching element are available.

The hinge design in the i10 series has an adjustable switching point and a solid shaft that allows direct integration of the switch in the hinge of a protective door.

The i200 solenoid release lock has a stainless steel actuator design that ensures a long lifetime under harsh conditions. Three approach directions and a variety of switching elements, in conjunction with a retaining power of 2000 N, provide flexible use.

The devices have been granted internationally recognised BG, CSA, SAQ, SUVA and UL approvals.

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