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Sick's safety light curtain increases ergonomics and safety for manually-operated joining and press systems

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article image Sick's safety light curtain increases ergonomics and safety for manually-operated joining and press systems
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Sick  recently recommended the use of a safety light curtain to SCHMIDT Technology as a safety solution that allows ergonomic workflows and is visually in line with the top-quality, state-of-the-art design of the ServoPress series in use at the facility.

SCHMIDT Technology is a medium-sized company whose areas of operation include recording technology, flow sensors, and pressing for joining, reshaping, mounting, shaping, riveting, punching, cutting or dressing. The workflows on the SCHMIDT ServoPress series joining systems can be implemented with forces of up to 250 kN and slide strokes of up to 500mm.

Therefore, in order to provide operable individual workstations on the machines, where the machine operators insert and remove the components manually, protective equipment with the highest safety level was required. The solution has also to allow ergonomic workflows and visually indicate the protective function to the operator. In terms of design, the safety system had to be integrated in a visually appealing way in the top-quality, state-of-the-art design of the ServoPress series.

To fulfil these requirements, SICK recommended a safety light curtain (miniTwin4), which offers the maximum safety level at Performance Level PL "e" as per EN ISO 13849-1 or SIL3 to EN 62061.

The innovative symmetrical safety light curtain system, which for the first time unites the sender and receiver in the same housing, could be configured to the right length, and thanks to its highly compact dimensions and intelligent connection concept, it was easy to integrate in the machines.

Different integrated status LEDs support commissioning as during press operation, they confirm to the operator that the system and the protective field are active. The displays are even easy to see if the safety light curtain is integrated flush into the machine for design reasons, as was the case for SCHMIDT Technology. This mounting method also protects against misalignment and increases operating ergonomics further.

Benefits of using the safey light curtain include:

  • simple integration and commissioning without software saves time and costs 
  • space saving due to small size without dead-zones at the end of the curtain reduces additional mechanical efforts 
  • visualization of operational status and the protective function increases safety for operator 
  • the sensor Twin-concept increases the economy of purchase, operation and service
SICK's safety light curtain provides a solution that meets all requirements made by SCHMIDT Technology, including all safety requirements relevant for the ServoPress machinery. The intelligent connection concept, and the look of the design award-winning housing not only permits visual integration into the presses, but also cost-effective mechanical and electrical integration.

Also, the flush mounting and display of the system function via the integrated LEDs guarantee maximum acceptance and ergonomics for operators, which have a positive effect on the performance of the presses. As the sender and receiver are in the same housing in the system concept of this safety light curtain, SCHMIDT Technology benefits from the Twin-design, with the fact that just two units of the same material number are required. This reduces the logistics costs for ordering and stock supply, and should servicing be required.

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