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Sick's new sensor for web guidance and positioning

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The new Ax20 line sensor for edge detection and positional control provides fast web edge and line tracking. Its high-resolution array line that allows it to detect a diverse range of objects with a repeat accuracy of 50 µm. It is available from Sick .

However, this is not the only reason why the Ax20 line sensor is interesting. For instance, the measuring range of the scanning Ax20 can be up to 30 mm wide. Object detection is independent of the reflectance properties of material surfaces, delivering precise and reliable results all the time – without any teach-in at all. For applications in packaging machines, where flat materials such as paper foils must be conducted through a machine, this is just as important as the diverse possibilities of utilising the measured values.

Typically, the Ax20 line sensor is used for the acquisition of measured values for controlling the web edges of continuous materials, such as films or paper, whose passage can be readjusted via the signals of the analogue 4-20 mA output.

Also, the Ax20 line sensor can be used for position detection. For example, it can determine the position of paper sheets, stacks of paper or labels reliably.

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