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Sick to exhibit ICR series code readers at Hanover Trade Fair 2008

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A new generation of devices will represent the ICR series of code readers at the Hanover Trade Fair 2008.

They offer greater reading performance, shorter evaluation times, even simpler operation, and a new product variant, the ICR845-2, for reading on both static and rapidly moving objects.

Harsh demands are made of code readers in industrial use: compressed and directly marked codes must be equally reliably read, poor code qualities may only lead to a ”no read” in extreme cases, and high process speeds require rapid reading results.

Moreover, OEMs and end-users demand devices with simple operation, diagnostic functions and individual interfaces.

Improved reading with ICR84x-2 and ICR85x-2 code readers
The code readers of the ICR series meet these demands. The further developed imager technology, together with individual illumination options, provide high-quality images.

Commissioning of the code reader has been considerably simplified by live images and evaluation of the reading result using comfortable diagnostic functions.

The improved decoder algorithms now provide even better reading results with poor-quality, contaminated or partially destroyed codes.

Evaluation times are very short, thanks to the latest processor technology, and the possible speed of the objects in the reading fields is therefore very high.

Connection of the ICR code reader in automation and communication systems is highly flexible: CAN, RS232, Ethernet and a variety of fieldbus connections are available.

The right ICR code reader for every application
The ICR840-2 is the ideal solution when a code is to be read while stationary or at low speed – especially as it also offers high resolution with its 1.3 megapixel optics.

The new ICR845-2 is the best choice as a code reader for stationary and high-speed reading because it can record and evaluate up to 60 pictures per second.

In addition to its speed of up to 12 m/s, the ICR850-2 offers the advantage that a code with low resolution can always be decoded within its large imaging field. Optical variants regarding distance, reading field and resolution are ideally adapted to the particular task.

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