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Sick’s stainless steel sensors enable accurate, repeatable and reliable non-contact detection of vials in aseptic environments.

XTREMA F2000 is the latest innovation in aseptic filling from IMA LIFE. State-of-the-art constructive details coupled with consolidated and worldwide re-known filling technology make of the NEW XTREMA Series the latest technological breakthrough in aseptic filling.

Designed with a modern modular concept, XTREMA gives the possibility to actively manage the production process by tailoring the different machine phases to the actual production needs.

XTREMA F2000 is an in-line filling and stoppering machine with continuous motion positive in-line transport system. The machine is suitable for filling liquid solutions into cylindrical vials and for insertion of rubber stoppers. It can handle all vial sizes in the range from 0.25 to 100 ml.

To make this masterpiece working, design engineers of IMA LIFE were looking for an accurate, repeatable and reliable non-contact detection of the vials. Additional the solution needed to be robust, easy to use and resisting to any chemical agent used for disinfection (vaporized hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, etc.)

Sick provided IMA their competence and experience in developing optical sensors of the highest performance and reliability. IMA is guarantying his customers robustness, to increase machine efficiency. Alng with this, he is ensuring ease to use and parameterisation, to reduce changeover time and accuracy of detection, to maintain high quality standards.

Sick photoelectric sensors of the series W4S, made out of stainless steel V4A/316L with a scratch resistant front screen resistant to any chemical agent used for disinfection (vaporized hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, etc.), was the perfect sensor for IMA LIFE.

The W4S sensors combine the best optical technology from Sick by using a "PinPoint” sender LED, the bright and linear light spot across complete detection range guaranties state-of-the-art detection, accuracy, performance very similar to those of a laser.

On top of this is the sensor IO-Link ready giving the possibility to change and store sensor parameters in the controls of the machine supporting 21 CFR part 11

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