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Sick’s Safety Laser Scanners and Controllers Enable Safety for omniMove Systems

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Sick has installed their safety laser scanners and safety controllers to provide hazardous area protection on freely navigating transport systems manufactured by KUKA.  

KUKA is a well-known global robotics manufacturer specialising in the production of mobile platforms called omniMove systems at their German factory in Augsburg.  

The omniMove systems are remote-controlled transport systems that are also used by KUKA’s customer, Airbus to transport large aircraft parts and tools within the production sites.  

Vehicles equipped with omniMove wheels can be driven in any direction from their standing position. The vehicles are up to 30m long and 5m wide. The aircraft parts to be transported can be up to 35m long and 10m wide, potentially causing an overlap. The maximum loading weight is 100,000kg.  

To avoid running into factory personnel on the transport routes, the vehicles must be equipped with protective devices on all sides. Since the aircraft parts may overlap the vehicle, the protective fields must be adapted accordingly and respond flexibly to directional changes.  

KUKA needed an effective safety solution for the omniMove systems to prevent accidents.  

Sick’s sensor solutions: Safety laser scanners and safety controllers  

Sick installed S3000 Professional safety laser scanners and Flexi Soft safety controllers on the omniMove systems. Up to six S3000 units were mounted on each vehicle.  

The safety laser scanners are each equipped with up to 8 speed and load-dependent protective fields as well as warning fields, and have a maximum protective field length of 7m.  

The speed of the omniMove is reduced if a person is detected in the warning field. The vehicle stops if the person steps into the protective field.  

Flexi Soft safety controllers ensure automatic switch-over and adaptation to different situations. The loaded aircraft parts send their code to the Flexi Soft safety controllers as digital signatures. The Flexi Soft controllers then activate the specific protective fields and warning fields.  

Since the protective field length is adapted automatically, there is no problem in transporting any type of aircraft part, allowing the vehicle to navigate freely throughout the entire site.      

Key benefits of Sick’s safety laser scanners and safety controllers

  • Complete safety system for unrestricted protection of personnel from a single source
  • Flexible protective field switching of all S3000 units via a simple communication connection
  • Safe movement for employees in the production site
  • Very large aircraft parts and tools can be transported and handled in the site without limiting the safety or restricting the movement of personnel
  • Eliminates need to keep valuable production and assembly areas permanently free for logistic routes
  • Central access to all components via the Flexi Soft safety controller makes configuration and maintenance quick and easy

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