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Sick’s Laser Distance Measurement Systems Enable Exact Positioning of Storage and Retrieval Systems

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When used in the highly dynamic PSI Technics positioning control circuits, laser distance measurement systems from Sick rapidly provide accurate data for position feedback.  

PSI Technics is a leader in high-performance positioning systems and offers highly dynamic PSS (Positioning Solution Systems), which are not only used in new systems but can also be retrofitted to intralogistical systems such as storage and retrieval systems.  

In order that the PSS brings its dynamic capabilities to bear fully and thus achieve increases in performance of 15% and more, a very fast and precise distance measurement system for position feedback was required, whose mechanics and automation technology facilitated easy integration.  

SICK, as a provider of probably one of the largest distance measurement portfolios was able to provide a solution, which met the high demands PSI Technics had on a distance measurement system.  

Laser position detection in milliseconds enables enhanced intralogistics performance  

PSI Technics relies on a laser distance measurement system (DME5000) from SICK for its highly dynamic PSS Positioning Solution System, which enables storage and retrieval systems to travel to the destination in the optimum time, independent of load and speed without crawling speed.  

The laser distance measurement system was able to deliver current values within milliseconds for PSS position feedback at a high level of accuracy and reproducibility.  

The combination of the PSS and DME5000 optimises the performance of the storage and retrieval system as well as all the intralogistical processes within the system.  

As a distance sensor, the laser distance measurement system is an ideal component for the PSS because it can be integrated into the positioning system and the relevant system easily and flexibly.    

Key benefits: 

  • Supports highly dynamic positioning technology
  • Suitable for new systems and retrofitting thanks to its system independence
  • Simple integration and commissioning

With the laser distance measurement system from SICK, PSI Technics was able to integrate a reliable solution into its own PSS and was thus able to economically implement a new positioning technology.

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