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Sick’s FID Technology Helps Release Hydrocarbon-Free Exhaust Air into the Atmosphere

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article image Sick's technology offers reliable and precise measurement of carbon compounds
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Advanced sensor solutions from SICK enable reliable and precise measurement of carbon compounds using approved analysing technology to limit the release of dirty exhaust air into the environment.  

Catalytic exhaust air purification is a standard technology employed in gasoline driven cars.  

The technology finds use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for the purification of process gas flows with organic components.  

To avoid air pollution, harmful gases to the environment and health are neutralised at high temperatures before they are emitted into the atmosphere.    

Thermal or catalytic oxidation facilities are typically used for the process. The gaseous pollutants consist mainly of volatile hydrocarbons that turn into CO2 and water during the thermal incineration.  

Components in the measuring gas can form explosive mixtures, making it extremely important to keep the process far below the lowest explosion limit to ensure safety.  

Official regulations stipulate continuous measurements comprising of measurement of the lowest explosion limit at the entry of the oxidation facility and measurement of volatile hydrocarbons at the exit.  

Sick’s measurement devices ensure precise determination of the complete hydrocarbon content in the air as well as in corrosive and condensing gases.  

Sick employed the EuroFID solution with FID technology.  

The ATEX certified inline version is flanged to the process gas channel for the measurement of the lowest explosion limit so that direct measurements in the flowing gas mixture can be made.  

Measurement results are quick thanks to short response time. The electronic system units are separated from the probe and can be installed outside the explosive area.  

Additionally, the system can measure hydrocarbon emission values at the exit of the incineration process.    

The FID technology consists of a detector wherein an electronic field is applied to a flame fed by hydrocarbon-free air and fuel gas. Hydrocarbons that reach the inside of the flame are stripped. The emerging CH ions are oxidised with oxygen.  

The formed CHO+ ions are proportional to the amount of carbon in the organic substances.  

Key benefits of Sick’s FID technology:  

  • Suitable for lowest explosion limit measurement and emission measurement
  • Inline version with ejector pump for the extraction of samples
  • Short gas measuring paths allow very fast reaction times
  • Extractive measurement solutions for mobile use
  • Lower maintenance requirement from zero moving parts  
  • ATEX and Dekra-certified explosion-proof housing versions

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