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Sick offers DME4000 laser distance measurement system

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The new DME4000 laser distance measurement system is the precise and cost-efficient solution for detecting the position of storage and retrieval devices in warehouse aisles, or of transfer vehicles in the incoming goods area of a high-bay warehouse.

The device offers ranges of up to 220 m, integrated speed measurement, and multifunctional switching outputs.

These can be used, for example, for defined distance values or an advance failure warning, or even programmed as inputs.

The DME4000 can also be used in deep-freeze warehouses thanks to its temperature range of +55°C to -40°C.

The new DME4000 works using reflectors is suitable for approach speeds of up to 10 m/s and is available in range versions of up to 50 m, 130 m and 220 m. All versions are characterised by highly dynamic regulatory behaviour: an up-to-date measurement value is generated every millisecond.

Data interfaces for every automation solution
The DME4000 offers SSI, Profibus, RS422, DeviceNet, CanOpen and HIPERFACE interfaces for data communication.

The HIPERFACE interface is special because it allows the DME4000 to be used directly as a path measuring system, eliminating the costs for the SSI option cards that would otherwise be necessary in the RBG converter, and allowing free slots to be used for other functions, if necessary.

The data interfaces are supplemented by two multifunctional switching outputs, e.g. for monitoring speeds, for pre-defined distance values, temperature warnings or an advance failure warning.

They can also, however, be programmed as inputs, e.g. in order to use one of the outputs as a stand-by input, via which the DME4000 can be activated by an external signal. In stand-by mode, the light transmitter is only started when required – achieving a longer service life.

Simple commissioning, reliable mounting
The DME4000’s illuminated display shows all important status and diagnostic functions at a glance during commissioning, as well as in subsequent operation.

The visible red light beam, and the alignment bracket which can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, simplify mounting.

Areas of use for laser distance measurement systems
Distance measurement systems like the DME4000 are used in automated warehouse technology to detect the position of storage and retrieval devices and rail-borne automatic vehicles.

The sensor is mounted on the vehicle and continuously measures the time-of-flight of a transmitted light pulse to the end of the aisle and back. The electronics use this time value to determine the position of the S/R system, and transmits this to the vehicle controller.

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